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Rippln - Go to – Sign UP to request an invite!
The Game Is ON!  Are YOU Ready To Play?!?
I hope the answer is YES – because we’ve already been playing!  We just haven’t been getting rewarded for doing so.
That’s about to change!
In addition – the way things are now – you don’t get to see the engagement you create across the world via your interactions.  Again – that’s going to change!

Introducing Rippln!
Imagine ALL of the most popular technologies all rolled up into one!
Gamification…Appification…Social Media…Communication…and MUCH MUCH More all in one place!  And that place is on THE most valuable real estate on the planet – the screen of your smart phone!
I hope you’re getting excited – because getting in on this at the beginning is one of those situations you’ll never get to experience again!
In an EXTREMELY limited sneak peek – it’s already brought in over 80,000 Fans in 6 days time!
Your friends, relatives, and contacts WILL hear about Rippln!  Make sure they hear about it from YOU!
Request an invite below – and I’ll shoot one off to you as soon as the next spot opens!
I look forward to having you in my personal ripple – and can’t wait to watch YOUR engagement across the globe via Rippln!
Go to – Sign UP – to request an invite!
Note: I am Rippln Fan (Soon to be a Rippln Global Player, Rippln Team Captain, Rippln Coach, and Rippln All-Star!) – NOT an employee of Rippln.

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